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It was a phone call any gainfully employed woman dreads. “We no longer require your services. Your final check is being mailed today.” So it was for Leslie Huston in the spring of 2002; a ton of talent, yet no income. When faced with such a dilemma, most people would assume the fetal position and cry out “woe is me.” For Leslie, the world was now her oyster. Freed from a job she really didn’t enjoy, this trained artist had other plans. When asked by her husband, John what she wanted to do, he heard a litany of things she didn’t want to do. After listening calmly he rephrased the question, “what is it you want to do”. “I’d like to pursue my art.” So the journey began. The company needed a name. Surprisingly, “accessoreez” was available, so she grabbed the domain name, built a website, and began her new career as a glass jewelry artist. After a phone call to her sister, Shelley Harper, an accomplished metal smith living in Ruidoso, NM, the stage was set for a collaborative artistic endeavor that gets “better every day”.

Working from their homes, Leslie’s glass designs became a hit with her clients, using her bench torch to sculpt dramatic focal elements, while Shelley’s use of copper, silver, and other native organic elements were being featured in her stunning southwest designs. Then, a spark was ignited when glass met metal and the ensuing designs captured the fancy of many of Shelley’s new gallery clientele. These designs were noticed one afternoon by a patron, and within two weeks, an invitation was received to be featured artists at the National Wildlife Museum’s Western Visions event in Jackson Hole, WY. This invitation kicked their business into overdrive.

The decision was made to move their design strategies forward focusing on two geographical regions; Leslie’s Florida & Shelley’s New Mexico. As spring brought snowbirds to Florida, and the summer had travelers heading to the mountains, Les and Shelley knew they could formulate their designs to appeal to both locales. As it turned out, many of their Florida clients also had mountain hideaways! That’s good karma. As the sisters celebrate their 10th year in business, they have watched in amazement at how well their designs have been embraced by their clients. Articles in Southern Living and New Mexico Magazine only bolstered their commitment. They’ve never looked back since.

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